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Portrait of a Suicide Bomber, DNA Identifies Turkey ISIS Terrorist who Killed 32 People

Portrait of a Suicide Bomber, DNA Identifies Turkey ISIS Terrorist who Killed 32 People.


10 things I learned after joining a Senior Citizens Choir

liz blackmore:

You never know what may open your mind and teach you things about yourself and others!

Originally posted on My Life in my 60's:

You're never too old to sing. You’re never too old to sing. 1. Just because you’re older, you can still have fun. This choir puts on hats, cowboy scarves, Berets, necklaces, and whatever costume fits the songs. The choir director is a bubbling, optimistic person. The piano player finds joy in the music, and rarely makes a mistake.

2. Age is just a number. You can learn a new musical interest when you’re quite old. Look at Mick Jagger: he fills stadiums!

3. You will meet people with all kinds of life stories: retired army heroes, teachers, nurses, musicians, rich and poor people. Some really enjoy retirement, and other’s have a harder time living on a pension.

5. There are all kinds of old age diseases, but the secret is to just ignore them and keep going. It’s all in the attitude. Find joy in something, like singing and it won’t bother you as much.


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Well It Took Me Long Enough

liz blackmore:

See what happens when you wait too long…. You miss out on growth spurts of some of your favourite people!!

Originally posted on Jens Thoughts:

fictionHave you ever wondered why an idea took so long for you to act on? Me too. In fact, I finally set up a Facebook author page. I realized with 5 short stories published it was time. And, I’m halfway through my novel based on the short story “Tears in the Sun”.

I’d love the support if you’re interested in hopping over and liking my page. It’s located at https://www.facebook.com/JAOwenby . I will have updates on the upcoming novel, characters, reviews, and more.

The crazy thing is that I wrote the last 45 pages while selling our current home and purchasing another, working part-time, and writing resumes! When the story flows, it gushes. I will say that having an outline and scenes has made it easier. I’ve thought about this story for years, but in the last one it all began to click.

I look forward to sharing more as I…

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Cover Art For Books: Choosing What’s Right Not Only For You But Your Audience

liz blackmore:

Interesting! It IS important to get it right too!

Originally posted on akrummenacker:

You’ve just about finished writing your novel and can see the finish line coming up in the distance.  But now you have a new concern to deal with, creating a cover for it.  But what kind of art should you use?  Should it be a photograph, cartoon, an image that evokes feelings from a favorite movie like having several people walking towards the reader like in “The Right Stuff”?  Should it just show an individual who appears in the story, or should it show a scene that’s right out of the book?

So many questions, right?  And the answer is… I don’t know.  Every author has to choose their own path or vision for their work.  It’s not an easy thing to do either, I know this.  All I can say is know your audience and what captures their imagination.  Make sure the art speaks to them and makes them…

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What makes a good review? What makes a good reviewer? @agoodconfession

What makes a good review? What makes a good reviewer? @agoodconfession.


“The Bridge” Book One In My Para-Earth Series Is Available For Free On Kindle Unlimited…

liz blackmore:

Allan is making good ground with his release! Check it out!

Originally posted on akrummenacker:


You can now get “The Bridge”, book on in the Para-Earth Series for FREE through Amazon.  That’s right, you can enjoy this 4 and 5 star tale for free as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription.  This paranormal/mystery will introduce you to ghosts, psychics, and a whole new vision of parallel realities unlike anything you’ve ever read before.

So why not check it out today and enjoy a really exciting summer read. Plus when you’re done you’ll find book 2 in the series, “The Ship”, is also available through Kindle Unlimited.

Just click on the link below to get started, and please help spread the word.  Thank you and happy reading…


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