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We named this little  sorrel gelding Eastwood for two reasons. First he tends to like to be on his own and secondly because he loves to snuggle but won’t take any crap off anyone. He reminded Randy of his only screen idol, need I say more…Clint Eastwood. Now I hope that if ever Mr. Eastwood were to read this, that he would not take offence to having a horse named after the characters he has portrayed or how his persona is presented in the media. Randy (and I) think you are a man of character, and we both respect you for that. You have had a career with many followers who have watched you grow!

Eastwood is out of sorts right now because his one buddy, who is a stud (that hasn’t quite figured things out yet), is kinda busy with a mare who is in season. As a result, you cannot take a step without him seeing what you are up to. It is funny, when he is harassing someone else, but when you are trying to muck the barn area and can’t rake the poop, it gets a little annoying. So, I have taken to singing while I do chores.  At least he stands a foot or more away while I perform for him. I tell myself that is because he wants to take in the whole picture!


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