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Our Horses – General’s Delight


We call her Dee. She is a 23 year old registered Arabian. She came to us through a rescue situation. Someone else intervened and we got her through them (along with one other). She is an old Grandma, which is why we nicknamed her GeeMa. She sure must have been a beauty in her time as she has such grace and gentle presence. She is great around children and people who are not comfortable around horses. She is very determined to make you understand what she wants. If we were cattle being selected for something, she would have no problem cutting us from the herd. If it is time for her  oats, she will be sure to help you understand her need, in a very gentle way.

When we first got her, she was always putting herself in the position to protect the gelding we got at the same time. She was all legs and underweight, but made sure everyone in the herd knew she was an elder and expected to be respected.

She is a joy to have on the farm!


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