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The Horses – Cuvesa

One of our rescue guysWe call him Chevy now. He is the Peruvian gelding that came from the same farm as Dee. He, too, has a few scars that may or may not grow hair over again. He has such a hairy coat – all blonde and yellow cream. Like Eastwood he will go off by himself for a while. He hangs with Dee, naturally, a younger heavy cross mare, Abbey and Duke, the Arabian that you have been introduced to already. The rest mean nothing much to him at this time.

Thoughts are that he is around eleven years old. He will never be a show horse because he has knock knees. I think he is going to be one of our best horses for kids and light weight adults wanting to get their start on a horse.

When he first came, he would decide if you were going to touch him or not. Now he comes on command. I just have to  do the come hither wiggle of the fingers and he is there. I put him under saddle late last fall and did some lunge work with him. I was amazed at his ability. So somewhere, before he ended up in the rescue situation, someone worked with him. He was so proud when he was returned to the pasture. I felt like a mom who watched her baby take his first few steps.

I am anxiously awaiting spring and our round pen to be made. Just to work a bit more with him and be certain he is as consistent as I am.


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