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Truckin’ across this land, but where is the shower?

One of the things that have added to a preconceived image of drivers is the grubby look. At first glance you may think, man, don’t you know how to clean up? There is a bit more to it sometimes.

Think about the driver who just spent 4 hours trying to tarp his load of shingles in a 60k/hr wind, with no way to stop the stupid thing from flying like a kite just as you descend to try  to secure one strap. The guys in the office window smiling and placing bets as they look down on the situation. You can’t leave until the load is tarped.

How about the cattle hauler who just delivered his load to the slaughter-house. Crap is everywhere. Yes, he had coveralls on, and yes he had to change his jeans before he got in the truck to drive to the truck stop because of the crap that saturated him. The scent lingers.

Each division of the industry has its challenges when it comes to hygiene.  Some of the things that can add injury to insult are the three-hour line-ups waiting for a shower. Just think about it for a moment. You have just worked 13 hours, you are beat, want to have some shut-eye, would love to go to bed smelling like a rose, but three more hours??? So you opt for a sponge bath of sorts.

Have you ever walked into a washroom and saw someone trying to discreetly wash? It is tough, both to do and to watch. Some people don’t care and just go about their business, but I know that I was shy. I would go out wet the wash cloth, bring it back into the stall, wash what I could, get dressed again, go back to the sink, well, you get the idea. For guys, try to shave in the public washroom!

Then there is the sanitation issue. Twice I have gone to take a shower and found the cleaning staff neglected to remove the turd that was in the middle of the stall. Seriously.

Security is another point.  Theft can occur when the person is in the shower and have their things in the room. Sometimes in the computer generated systems, they dispatch a shower room that is not empty. OOOPPPSS! Sorry about that dude! 😦

So as you can see, sometimes, some days do not allow these  dear people opportunity to shower daily. Please cut them some slack. Someday you may not have water all for a few days. 🙂


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