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Running into an Old Timer

One of the things Randy likes to have happen, is run into an old-timer during a coffee break. Today was one of those days.

They chat about the newbies that complain about the log book. There was a time when there were no log books. If you couldn’t make the  delivery when the dispatcher said, you were out of a job when you got back. Some dispatchers even had a jar of little helpers to assist you with the journey.

They laugh about the drivers who complain about the rough ride. Oh,  if they could only have had the pleasure of the rubber block suspension,  Henderson springs, Mack camelback suspensions, Bostom seats with low backs, no sleepers, 5 and 4 Spicer transmissions. Oh yes and don’t forget the 235, 300 and 350 engines! How about the bias tires with tubes. The goat paths that were called roads. Yes. the trips were a lot harder and longer especially without air conditioning.

The winter posed a few challenges. A snowmobile suit was standard wear INSIDE the cab of the truck. All the steel in those puppies sure held the cold. But those old trucks did not rattle.

The air wipers posed another challenge. They always waited until you really needed them to work, to stick. They would go about 1/4 travel and stop…rain pouring down, can’t see a thing, tap on the windshield and they go another 1/4″. Tap on the windshield again, and smash there goes the windshield!! Oh yes, that was a great thing.

There was no cruise control. You had to turn out the throttle dial to maintain idling RPM. This was only meant for maintaining engine temperature at night, people, not for driving…right old timers?!

I will post more on this as I collect the tales.


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