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The Horses – Abbey

Abbey is a 6-year-old Heavy cross mare. When we first got her, we were warned that she was wild, you would not be able to do anything with her, etc. she was part of a package of horses that were being shipped to probable slaughter.  I could not leave her behind. she was part of a foursome, and did not ask to be left to who knows what possibility.

Loading her was a bit of an issue. The previous owners were afraid of her. Yelling and waving and snapping the whip. Randy had enough and asked them to back off. He stood near the fence, and got near her head and spoke gently to her. He told her that she had to get into the trailer to go to the new home. With one look in his direction and a little snort, she walked right in and stood beside Duke.  Randy secured her for the journey and all went well.

It was late when we got to the farm.  After watering them, we  lit a smudge fire near the trailer and left them for the night. The next morning, we were back at the crack of dawn. Sure enough,  the other horses were still haltered, but not Abbey! Well, she was at the front of the trailer, so we took out the first two, tried to halter Abbey, but to no avail. So we snuck Duke out and Randy went to have a talk with her again. I stood outside the trailer with Duke, just so she could see him. It took about 5 minutes to halter her, and soon she was being lead across the drive to the gate of the new pasture. She was a little scared, but walked very well.  It helped having Duke at her side.

Her halter was removed as we don’t like to have them on when they are pastured. It took 3 days to get her trained to halter on command. Her feet are still an issue, but the vet said monitor them. They were not affecting her. I have finally been able to touch her with a brush, pick up her front feet, but would like someone around when I try her hind feet. She will say yes, when you ask her if she wants her food. So she has come a long way, and provides a laugh her and there. We re glad she joined us too!


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