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The Horses – Dixie

Dixie is the featured horse of the day. She is a 6 year-old Morgan mare. She came with the group of four, with her 2 year-old stud, Beestar, Duke and Abbey. She struggles to be boss mare with Abbey. They take turns.

Dixie was  previously ridden.  I have no qualms with clamoring up on her bare back with just a halter with bale twine reins on her head, and going. She does not like to have children on her however. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I will not push that issue with her. I would never forgive myself for inflicting pain, injury or worse on a child, just to prove a point.

She has an even temperament, which is nice to see in a mare. Any one who deals with human females can relate to how the hormones affect the person. The same goes for the members of the animal kingdom. While she is not a huggy girl, she does like the attention, especially when being groomed.

Her little guy is still under her protective eye, and I can just imagine what she is going to do when he is put in the trailer on the day he goes to get nipped. I hope that the others occupy her mind while I’m gone 🙂


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