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Is It Over Yet? Snow Story (March 1st Post that got lost)

Randy has definitely not been enjoying the road this past week. Mother Nature threw a whopper of a storm across the central States that will have people reeling for a bit. He said as he was driving through North Dakota the radio announcer was suggesting that people should expect to stay where they were for the night. He mentioned that the sun was shining and thought maybe the DJ was talking about another area. Within half an hour, the wall of snow came down and he could not see more than fifteen feet in front  of him.

He shook his head as a truck went flying past him.  One for the ditch! The two other trucks that were behind him crept along until they found a rest area, that was at five thirty p.m. One more truck found his way into the cache before the police shut the highway down. There they sat, watching the wind play havoc with the snow.

Morning broke to find a light fall of the white stuff continue. The trusty plow crews had the roads ready to go by ten thirty, so off they went, in search of a coffee. Thank goodness most of the guys are semi self-contained. Randy usually has water, liquids of some kind and  food on board. Plenty of blankets, if for some reason, he cannot run the truck, and warm clothing. (This is just a reminder that winter is not over yet, and if you are on the road, be sure to have that little emergency supply kit with you.)

On the bottom end of the same storm system, were tornadoes. Our thoughts go out to those who lost family members and friends.

Winter is bad enough at times, but at least you can just not travel if need be. You cannot always know where a tornado will touch down. If you have ever been in the area of  where one is going to touchdown, you will never forget the way the air feels like it has just been sucked away from you, the eerie quiet for a moment and then…


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