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Drawback of Solitutde

Sometimes, when a driver is humming down the highways, he has the uncanny knack of being able to rewind his mind to play a scenario over multiple times. I know that we all do this, but it seems that while you are seeking entertainment, more than the gargle of the radio, this ability is hyper-develops. Now this can be a good thing if you are trying to find a way to create bio-diesel for yourself or finalize the blueprint of your new shop. It is not so good when it involves a personal note, such as a disagreement with a family member or friend, can’t reach someone on the phone during normal applications, etc.

Was it the weather? Did they get hurt? Why didn’t they leave a message for me? Did they leave? Are the kids OK? Did the baby arrive healthy? Is my pay what I figured what it should be? You get the idea.

Sometimes you cannot turn it off. Yes, a brief distraction here and there takes your mind back to task, but it is not before the rewind button is hit again. So how is one to stop this from becoming an obsession? I wonder if the astronauts face this as they are living out their stint on the Space Station, or Navy personnel in a sub, Forest Rangers stationed in a remote post.

I do not have the answer to help the mind not play on the person. May be a quote would help?

“The mind itself must, like other things, sometimes be unbent; or else it will be either weakened or broken.”  – Sir P. Sidney


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