I Don’t Pay Back I Pay Forward

Well I am happy, no – ecstatic, that Randy is actually here tonight and writing this blog with me. This is the logo that is going on Randy’s truck. So if you are ever running down the road, and you come across an older white Freightliner  with this saying on the bunk, honk your horn and wave! Randy has had it on his heart for a while to help new people that he meets.  He never knows what the need may be, but it is always something that he is able to do. I am not talking financially, usually, as a dollar does not express the value of a helping hand.

As an example; Before we met, Randy happened to be laid over in a small town in B.C. He spent the weekend helping a couple of old girls paint their fence. He did not want me to include this, but I just wanted to show what a random act can be.

What brought this on? “Whenever you help somebody the word that automatically comes out of their mouth is ‘ How can I pay you back?’. I do not WANT you to pay ME back. For there is always someone, no matter where you go, that is in the same predicament as you were in. I wish that people would pay forward, rather than pay back, as one day I will be in the same spot as that person  that I helped was. I know that one person will pay forward to help me. ”

“So know that paying forward will always help the person you will meet, rather than the person that you have met. All I ask, is for people to pay forward rather than pay back. It would make this world a more comfortable place for everybody.”

Thank you Randy for your thoughts.



3 comments on “I Don’t Pay Back I Pay Forward

  1. Good post. I will pay it forward. Hope you don’t mind.


  2. […] me on the way. Our world is getting smaller with technologies, but I firmly believe that our humanity remain as big as ever, even with all the negativity. So be positive in your dealings with one another, and remain true to […]


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