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The Horses – Pepper

We are Pepper’s fourth home, as far as I know. She is a buckskin mare about 7 years old. She had bucked a few of her previous riders off, and the last home did not have time to keep working with her. This is how she came to be in our family.

I nicknamed her Calamity Jane when she first arrived. It was a matter of two days on the homestead when she first cut her hock. I got that fixed up, thankfully without any complications. Then she cut her hip the following week, not bad, but we still do not know how that injury came about. The next time was a bad one. She caught her chest on something, and tore it open.  So double daily doctoring and penicillin were the order of the day, well a week and a half actually. The other horses finally accepted her during this course of treatment, which led to tranquility and no more injuries. Thank goodness!

When we brought Chevy and Dee home, Pepper took to them and they to her. Dee and Pepper are still great buddies and hang out together most of the time. Pepper tries to keep the bullies away from Dee, but does not have high enough rank in the herd to succeed. There is only one that has the urge to bite, which I do not like, so he has inflicted a few marks on her and the others. (We are working on that bad habit.)

I had Pepper out for work a couple of times. She is very smart, but needs some more schooling about the cues she is being given. Once she understands what you are asking, she picks up very well. I could see her being a great cattle horse.




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