Truckin’ – Sleep Aids I

Picture yourself stretching those stiff muscles as you slide the driver’s seat back and swing your legs to the side. It has been a long day. You run your hand over your face, trying to decide if you want to rummage through the fridge to find something to eat. The bed is calling your name. You decide to heat up the meatloaf and perogies that were lovingly prepared for you.While that is warming, you light up a smoke and sit back in the driver’s seat, watching the traffic around you settle in for the night.

The skies open up and the rain starts to fall. So soothing. The microwave has beeped its final signal to remind you that your supper is waiting. Once again, you move your tired body to the bunk, reach inside and grab your meal. The radio is still playing, but your mind is slowly asking for release from the day. You mechanically go through the motion of ingesting the plate of food in front of you. Your bed is calling.

One bottle of water, another quick smoke and you yield to the sleep call. As you slide between the covers, the rain is echoing gently within the cab of the truck. So serene. Mother Nature is tucking you in tonight, with her gentle pitter patter. Good night world, sleep well and peace with you.


2 comments on “Truckin’ – Sleep Aids I

  1. Your writing is so descriptive, I could really empathize with the subject. Great job!


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