Blogging Do’s

I have read high and low, sideways and up ways, with my tongue twisted to left or right, a way to blog effectively. I wrote notes from this one and that one, ran the stats, compared the best and this is what I have found the consensus is:

BE Yourself! Even though it is a bit intimidating , at first, let the world know who you are, why you believe what you believe and what makes you tick. This makes you be ‘real’, so to speak to your followers.

FIND your focus. Who do you want to follow you? Positive role leaders, gurus of something you love? Dog walkers? The sky is the limit. (I would like to relate to the family orientated people, struggling/polished writers, those involved in the trucking industry, horse lovers, those who love languages, etc.)

ADD pictures to your site. (I have to do this, but every time I try, my satellite internet quits…aaarrrggg!)

RESPOND to those who comment to you. (I like the interaction, so I find time for this faithfully! It is the only way to improve.)

LINK in to your different networks. (Personally, I have found a couple of favorite pages to follow on Linked In and use that as my primary starting point. I have read that a people waste their time on their comfort spaces. I do not want to comment negatively on this because we are all at different places during certain times in our lives. You are thee best judge of when it is time to move on to the next step.)


2 comments on “Blogging Do’s

  1. Hi Liz – I find these points here great. Thank you very much. I will go through your blog and go on reading.


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