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Truckin’ – Sleep Aids 2

With the recent change in both time and a beautiful break in the winter, this sleep aid will soon be forgotten until late fall.

There is nothing like being in the mountains, having the temperature hovering around zero (32 F), and snow lightly falling around your truck, and getting ready to hit the sheets. Better still,  you have found a semi-secluded (no pun intended) spot, where you know that the peace of moment will not be disturbed by traffic.

As you turn the lights off, then the truck off, you are hit by the wall of complete meditative silence. You watch the flakes slowly twirl, you remember how privileged you. This is special – being able to see and feel what Mother Nature provides for our senses. A deep breath in and slowly released. Suddenly the stress of the day melts away. Sweet release, sweet sleep is on the immediate horizon. Good night world. Peace be with you.



One comment on “Truckin’ – Sleep Aids 2

  1. Thanks for the Disraeli quotation. Through you, he reminds us to remain focused.


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