March 22nd, 2012   Tonight I was raking the spring clean- up hay  that lay around the fence line, when the horses all stopped chewing on their feed and looked intently to the north east.  The wind break  in the field was in my vision range, blocking whatever the horses were fixed on.  As I shifted my position, I saw the first , then the second, third and forth whitetail deer lift their heads and check me out.

The horses were nothing new as they saw each other on a regular basis, but I was a new moving thing to them at this hour. After a few minutes of observation, I bent back down to the chore at hand. The horses took the cue and went back to munching away.  As I glanced back towards them, the first four bound off towards the perimeter of the bush. What I didn’t see were the other two that were timidly holding back. It didn’t take long for them to join the first group.

I searched the bush line for them and saw three heads looking over the grassland towards us. It was a serene moment, with the sun slowly sinking, casting a purple/grey hue to the few remaining clouds, a soft breeze playing with the hay I was raking up.

It won’t be long before the young ones are out there trying to keep up with the clan. I love spring!


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  1. Thank you for sharing this peaceful moment with us. I love how your focus shifted from the horses, to the deer, and then to the elements of spring you fund in your haying task… I felt like I was in that peaceful moment with you!


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