Developing the Ability to Write

Most people write poorly. This is the unfortunate truth. (Dang it!!) It is in our heads but it just doesn’t go down on the paper right, right?

So what skills does one need to help with the process? 1) the mental ability. think clearly, orderly and logically. 2) the psychological ability. let the thoughts flow freely.   3) the rhetorical ability. do you know how to make the sentences meld and flow?  4) the ability to critique.  can you be trusted to give yourself the old heave-ho if it is bad? or needs to be reworked?

You need to be the one who thinks it out, plans the events, assembles the storyline and characters, then sends them off to their grande debut! Your goal is to make the last version seem effortless, on track, like a spirit is guiding the reader with only a gentle breeze for direction.   This should not turn into an Olympic obstacle course for the reader.

This takes time. So do not become frustrated with yourself. There are many who attend years of schooling and still struggle with this. Practice, practice and practice. Ask your peers and mentors how they feel you are progressing.

Happy writing! Happy thoughts..I think I can…I know I can..I knew I could!


6 comments on “Developing the Ability to Write

  1. My thoughts branches on itself. I often find myself lost inside my own thoughts. Writing is no small feat. So jealous of those eloquent writers who weaves their stories together so flawlessly.


  2. I would add one more: Get some good critique. Find a group of people who will tear your work to shreds and then piece them together again painfully. You will be better for it.


  3. Very true Liz! Roger, good insight from you too… a solid critique can be invaluable.
    Over the course of the last several months, I’ve been dedicating as much time as I can to writing, and developing a knowledge base from other writers. One thing I picked up that you may find handy was a tip from a published author. She told me to let it all flow, and get it down on paper. THEN worry about how seamlessly it flows afterwards. She says she writes a book in less than three months, simply because she first writes it, without worrying about how it sounds, or how it may need huge changes later on. Once she has it all down, she begins her first of three edits. I’m hoping maybe this could help you Tanguyenable especially, because I had the same issue. I felt my writing was too “rough”, and things were missing or didn’t fit together properly. After this bit of advice, and the support of great people like Liz, I’ve been writing like a madwoman, and instead of waiting until I finish to edit… I do a harsh edit after each chapter. I’m sure I’ll do many more once I do finish!


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