Abbey Was Wonderful Today!

Every morning I toss the hay in and to the feed area and halter Dee up to take her out for her needed extra nutrition. While she eats I do her daily grooming. Once this is completed, I return her to the pasture with the others and shake the halter to jingle it. This signals to the others that I can take someone else out for a walk.

Usually  it is Duke, Chevy or Eastwood that respond first. Today Duke came up first, I took him for his lead time and a bit of fun work. After I returned him to the pasture, I shook the halter, and I’ll be darned if Abbey didn’t come up and ‘ask’ to go out!

I tested her by slipping Duke’s halter over her head, knowing it is too small for her. She accepted the test. So I told her that I would go get her halter and be right back. She waited patiently, while I grabbed it, and slipped it on, snapped the lead rope to it and walked out.

This is so far out of character for her. I was trying not to make a BIG thing of it, but wanted to do the Jed Clampette dance right on the spot! I know that horses are fickle, and she may not go so easily the next time, but I was very proud of the step she took today.


2 comments on “Abbey Was Wonderful Today!

  1. I’m so happy for you! What a wonderful moment… I think you SHOULD have done the Jed Clampette… wait… that may have spooked her! LOL


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