How to Find a Subject or Goodbye Blank Page??

Or, Seek and ye shall find – maybe.  How about – please leave the eraser tips on your pencils!

First you need to stimulate the brain. You should try to go to or surround yourself with things that interest you enough to write about. If food is your foray (sorry Tami – I had to do it!), immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of a market, kitchen,  restaurant, cafe, etc. Be active, have a purpose in the environment. Better yet – be creative.

If you are not able to get out to absorb the activity, how about grabbing your dictionary. Starting with “A” thumb through it and write any words that jump out at you.  Try to get 20 words, at least. Try to draw upon the following points when you start to put it together, using those words.  A specific time,  place, number, person, aspect, example, type and experience.

Now look at what you have written and decide what is or is not possible.  Next,  ask yourself what happened or needs to happen to bring this to life.

Then, we deal with the cause and effect, similarities and dissimilarities, how to illustrate the subject. Really try to make a checklist of the pros and cons of each action you are taking. I know this sounds a little over the top, but it will help you to make your subject and characters full, well-rounded. You will start to see the flow, and this should help you continue to keep your focus sharp.


6 comments on “How to Find a Subject or Goodbye Blank Page??

  1. You know, I think this is a great post with a few excellent ideas. Thank you Liz!


    • Thanks Raani! If you have any input, jump in here too!


      • Thank you very much – but I have to admit I’m far too often running around with a blank head… I’m often pretty grateful I’m even able to see and not banging off the walls. *chuckle* – Sometimes I’m not even sure my brain works the same way than others’ brains do – I seem to realize things differently and when I’m in a fantasy world I’m so out of it that I’m still trying to let all your good advice sink in. I’m glad you have posted it – which allows me to come back and re-read after my return from lala-land. :-))


      • LALA land is fun! I know the feeling. I have to force myself somedays to talk coherantly, and I’m not even on anything!When people look at me with the deer in the headlight look, I know that I was somewhere over the rainbow again. 😉


  2. I love it! LOL I felt like a star there for a moment and almost did my own Jed Clampett, but that would have been a REAL disaster.

    I love the dictionary idea, that’s one I’ve never tried, but it’s going into my “Idea Box” for sure. I have several characters in there that need work, and this idea sounds like it’s just what I need.

    If you don’t mind me leaving two cents, there’s an idea for those that are trying to build into writing, that may not feel creative enough to start with the dictionary plan. To get your imagination started, you can grab any household object. You can start simple, then challenge yourself more and more. Write down five uses for the object other than what it’s actually made for. Sounds like an exercise in silliness, and in a way it is… but it forces you to use your creative brain 😉


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