What Are Some Good Writing Qualities to Strive For?

Knowing how to make the least amount of words work for your writing, while providing the most BANG, is an art. Knowing that every subject agrees with its verb, every comma is in the proper place, that it is vital, moving and memorable is a challenge!

Being able to write your sentences with no unnecessary words,  or a paragraph that holds no unnecessary sentences is something we need to strive towards. You want to be gentle to your readers senses, not make them clinch their teeth as they  try to comprehend what you are making them digest. We don’t want them to spit it out like a 14 month old trying new food.

Keep your writing simple, natural, unpretentious. Think of it as making a speech.  Most memorable speeches have been spare and direct.  Don’t put the brakes on when the pen hits the paper, let it flow!

Make what you are saying clear. What is the heart of the subject you are writing about? What steps do you need to take to convey it in the least amount of words? Can the reader embrace it too?

Another part of your writing should include a bit of you and proof that you know who your audience is. They should feel that you wrote that piece for them. You should include your relationship to your subject and help your readers find a similar one with it as well.

So to sum it up, keep it simple, full of essential words, clear, provide ownership, and a rhythm that binds it together. This will gel as you mature as a writer.


5 comments on “What Are Some Good Writing Qualities to Strive For?

  1. Thank you for these tips!


    • You are welcome, but I can’t take all the credit. These are highlights from people, books and seminars. I am finally organizing them and hopefully catching a few points that we all can benefit from.


  2. I agree. A lot of people think that to be a good writer, they need to be as eloquent as possible and fill their sentences with so much difficult vocabulary that Dictionary.com is their reader’s best friend. But good writing is really about keeping it simple and getting the message across as clearly as possible. Well done.


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