Questions to Ask yourself and Input From Tami Results

There is a list of questions that one can ask themselves about a subject or character.

But before I begin, I would like to thank Tami for her comment. As our internet was knocked out by a snow

storm, I took the opportunity to try what Tami suggested.  I am trying to remember it correctly.

This is what I came up with:  A 4″x4″ piece of tile. A tile for wall of floor application, a mosaic piece,

a coaster, a paperweight and a weapon. I hope this was not a ploy to have me reviewed by a psychologist!

On with the questions.

What does the topic or subject mean?      How can it be described?   What are the component parts of it?    How is it made or done?    How should it be made or done?   What is the essential function of it?   What are the consequences of it?     What different types are there?   How does it compare with another type?   How can it be interpreted?    What are some facts about it?    How did it come into being? How did the person come into being (not creation)?    What kind of person are you describing?  How do you feel about the person?   What kind of lingering memory could you create about the person? about the topic?      What is the value of the person? about the topic?     How can you summarize the person? the topic?      What case could be made for or against the person? and possibly the topic or subject?

Now start to fill in the gaps as you develope the place, character and all other related aspects. The first questions kind of sound as if you were writing a sales pitch. They could be used to describe the scene, the natural elements, the city, etc. of the story.

Now I have created some more homework for myself!



4 comments on “Questions to Ask yourself and Input From Tami Results

  1. Of course I LOVE this post…. LOL Liz, you never cease to amaze me! Adding those questions to this exercise is truly brilliant, and this is ALSO going into my thought box! I can’t get over how you much you’re able to add to things I’ve used in the past, and force me to work harder at what I’m doing. In case no one has told you this lately, you’re a wonderful person, and an ENORMOUS contribution to inspiration!


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