Cough, Sputter, Gag, pffftttt!

Well spring is definitely in the air! I haven’t eaten this much horse hair in a long time!

If anyone has ever owned a lab and dealt with the spring shed from them, you would grasp the idea about the length of hair  I am talking about. Now multiply that hair by a gazillion and you have the picture. It doesn’t matter if you are up wind, side wind, crosswind or two arms length away, you are going to inhale hair. As the brush glides over their soon to be sleek and shiny bodies, the hairy tornado is starting to crank up!

Then it sticks to your clothes and gloves. As you wipe your mouth and nose of the ones stuck tickling you, you add 280 more hairs. Then the eyes start to water, and your nose goes haywire, and all this time you know they are loving the brushing. After spending a good twenty minutes of preening and grooming, you release the beautiful steed back to the pasture.

For about fifteen minutes, they prance around and send out some playful kicks, toss their heads, feeling great after the mini massage.  You lead another one over to the post and start the process again. As you glance up towards the pasture, you see that beautiful white horse you just released, rolling in the dust hole. Thanks for that. Well tomorrow brings another day, and as long as it doesn’t rain, he won’t be covered in mud pack.

Does this remind you of kids playing in a muddy, glucky, wet pile of slop with their school clothes on or what?  Oh I wouldn’t have it any other way!



6 comments on “Cough, Sputter, Gag, pffftttt!

  1. Girrrrrl I feel your pain! Happy combing!


  2. Gosh I just love this… I feel like I’m out there with you! Come to think of it… I’m pretty sure my sons DID shed in the spring!! LMAO


  3. What a wonderful blog post Liz. It rewakens many memories of my own – and yes – including playing in a mud-pond as a kid. Thank you!


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