William Shatner – You Changed My Mind.

OK, I was NEVER a Trekkie (?). You know those avid followers of Star Trek.  All these years I kind of avoided anything that William Shatner was involved with, because I did not like Star Trek and I couldn’t see past the Captain Kirk persona.

One day,  Wierd or What was on TV.  It was my first experience to see Mr. Shatner as more or less himself.  He wasn’t too bad. I could handle him here and besides the stories were interesting.

Well tonight, April 1st, 2012, Mr. Shatner is hosting the Juno Awards in Ottawa, Ontario. He can be comical and he has some musical talent. Hmm – who’d a thunk it??

I am saying this because I like to think of myself as  someone who does not judge.  I try to accept a person for  who they are, not what they are stereotyped as. Yet here I had judged the Shatner  who is on stage for all these years, (I am sure that a Trekkie will let me know how many that would be.) simply because I did not like the show he became popular on. As I started to look into the man, he is quite the guy.

If you are interested in finding out more about him, you can link to one of the many sites , but I put this one in.  http://www.tribute.ca/people/william-shatner/5415/

Now I have to go through my mental list and start looking at who else I have wrongfully stereotyped despite my thinking otherwise. How about organizations?

I am thankful for the ability to accept my short comings. I know that I must stay diligent to keep the one trait I like, being non-judgemental, in tact. I need to purge the garbage, yup, the ones I have to pull out of my basement, and deal with the reason I let it slip past my radar.  Thank you William Shatner for changing my mind.


3 comments on “William Shatner – You Changed My Mind.

  1. Hello Liz – I do like your blog post – even though I don’t like William Shatner. (one day I might whisper something in your ears about him) LOL


  2. Hi there,

    Since I like your blog so much, I’ve “tagged” you in a little game on mine:


    Hope you’re having a wonderful week!


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