Working on the Vision

Yesterday, Randy came home and I had to kick him out of the house because I had a class to teach. How was that for a fine how do you do?

I am fortunate enough to have a partner that knows me well enough to understand that when these things arise, we roll with the tide. Thank goodness! It was a beneficial experience for the vision. Randy was going to do some backhoe work on the bridge system that crosses the creek, which leads to one of the trail systems in the retreat/recreational area we are developing. Unfortnately, the ground was too wet and he couldn’t use it. As he had about 7 hours to amuse himself in so he fired up the chainsaw and proceeded to work on a trail. Actually, there are four things happening. He is cutting trail, while cutting fence posts, fence railing and logs butts for the house.

He had a tiresome day, quite physical actually. When he came home that evening, he grabbed me and we went to see the progress. I can definitely see the future trail system being used for hiking, horseback rides, and cross-country skiing this winter.

We went together today to continue the cut line. Randy cut and I picked and piled the debris. I also took pictures, which I will be posting on the Pine Ridge website once we have it up and running.  It is so amazing back in the bush. The spring is starting to bring the forest to life. The frogs are singing in their unique orchestra from baritone to falsetto. The volume changes from tolerable to deafening within minutes. The birds are checking out the best tree condo to raise their little ones. The air is occasionally pungent with eau du skunk. Squirrels, porcupines, deer and bear all leave the telltale signs of their longing for the buds to burst and open the doors to summer.In the distance you can hear the young wolf cubs trying to mimic the adults’ howls. It puts our dogs on alert. Their ears just a’ twitching as they listen to the various yips and yipes.

I can hardly wait until we have a gazebo perched in the middle of one of the cutouts. A place of solitude to write, observe, sing,  laugh or share with loved ones. I love where this vision is going.


4 comments on “Working on the Vision

  1. Sounds very nice. Maybe one day I will visit. Have a great day.


  2. You know – I too can “see” the spring out there! I can hear the sounds you described and I can smell all the air and the different fragances (unfortunately the “eau du skunk” too. LOL
    This is such a “simple” but still intriguing and fantasy tickling blog post!!


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