I AmThankful for the Old World Imports

I know that I keep harping about spring, but what can I say, there is soo many nuances that come with the season. While speaking with a friend from Poland, who comes from a medical background, I was informed that I should complement my diet with dandelions.

This conversation came about because of the arthritis that is settling into my bones due to my self-abuse as a younger, stubborn (stupid) person. This is not the first time I have heard the benefits of the wild spreading worrisome weed. This time what REALLY made me look was unfortunately money related. While at the local health food store, I saw dried dandelion root, chopped not powdered, going for 54$ (yes dollars) per kilo. Now doesn’t that make you take a second glance at that yellow pain in your yard??

So what are the benefits? According to one of the pages I looked at, http://health.learninginfo.org/dandelion.htm They are many. They have a great dose of vitamin A and Potassium, a good dose of Vitamin B,C and D, phosphorus, zinc, magnesium, zinc, iron and manganese. It is a great gentle diuretic, aids in a healthy digestive track,kidney, bowels, bladder, gallbladder and more.

You can use the flower, leaves and root. You can incorporate the leaves into anything that you would use spinach for, such as salads, soups, sauces, pesto. The flowers can make attractive accents to your dishes, used for wine, eaten raw. The roots are best once dried and ground. All that is required is a teaspoon taken daily, sprinkled on food or in a tea.

If this is something that has caught your interest, be sure to discuss the benefits of adding dandelions to your diet with your health care practitioner before starting the requiem.

So with this being said, my hats go off to the Europeans who brought this beneficial flower to the Americas. The next time I see a yard being attacked with a chemical to eradicate the golden headed weed I will throw myself on the lawn and savagely graze on the untouched plants. Do you think it would take a long time for the police to arrive? 😉


3 comments on “I AmThankful for the Old World Imports

  1. Liz – I LOVE your writing style as well as the subjects you blog about!
    I too like those yellow flowers…
    As for the cops? – I think usually it does take about 4 minutes for them to be at a crime scene.
    I could imagine though – hearing that dandelion is in danger NOT to be destroyed, they might just laugh their butts off and would stop at a donut shop on the way… *chuckle*


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