Learning Curve

I am only writing this so I can test the new page I have created. When I had my blog review,  one suggestion was that I cut the first page entries to one current post. I have read the WordPress help pages and found what I had to do to carry out this.  Thank you WordPress for easy to follow instructions!

It was a trying day because the internet was very intermittent and continually kicked me off. Twelve hours later and a lot of going to my happy place moments has hopefully produced the results I wish. If I do not lose this post when I hit the Publish button, I WILL do the Jed Clampet dance. Good thing this is not going to be on a video!! I hope I turned the web cam off…:(

Please disregard the earlier message. It is only the babble of a woman gone semi-mad as she climbs on the roof, in the rain, to kick the satellite dish.

Connor, I REALLY do appreciate the suggestions. I am thankful for people like you. It will come back to you ten thousand fold!


4 comments on “Learning Curve

  1. Who is reviewing your posts. I’m about ready to give up on this. I don’t get much feedbackk at all. I feel like I’m talking to myself.


    • I came across Connor Rickett on LinkedIn. Here is his website if you can’t find him on that site. http://citiesofthemind.org/blog/blog-reviews/
      Don’t you dare give up! It will seem to slug along and then one day, you’ll get a couple more hits and comments. Just be yourself, be consistent, and be sure to reply to everyone who does stop by and comments. Write about your passions. There is always a new take on what you write about. That is what makes blogging interesting. Hang in there! 🙂


  2. I think sometimes it’s fun to try new things…


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