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Home On Wheels

The day was a busy one. It seemed as though the hours were being eaten up by some type of  spring-loaded gear mechanism. It was reminiscent of something from Alice in Wonderland. There was one more stop to make before heading home. My friend had asked me to go with her to view a modular home for her nephew, as he was out-of-town.  Apparently, he had spoken with a salesperson and was on the need-to-know list when the next set of homes were ready to be sold.

It was getting close to six in the evening, and we knew that the display area was closing soon.  Regardless, we headed over to one of the homes that was already loaded on the delivery trailer, camera in hand. What some people won’t do for family. Georgina started taking pictures and we actually both got caught up with the features that being offered in the home.  Somehow, that machine ate an hour of our time.

Without realizing it, we had turned a light on upstairs. I say that we did not notice because the sun was still half loaded in the her attempt to close  the day. Also, who would have thought that they would have had a power cord hooked up to this unit. When we realized what time it was, we slightly panicked. I was hoping that we weren’t locked in!  Surely someone would have noticed a rogue vehicle parked in the visitor section.  One last picture and I emerged from the front door.

Have you ever had a heart stopping moment?  Have you ever had your hearing kick in to super sensitivity? Have you ever had a friend that required a puffer to aid them with their breathing, especially in a stressful situation?  Well, the next few minutes were the only ones where that gear came to a painfully slow tic-tic-tic.

As I was struggling to put my shoes back on, with the front door acting as my balance support, I caught a glimpse of something moving off to  my right. I bolted upright and called to Georgina to pick up her pace. The next thing I saw was a uniformed police officer, holding a taser in one hand and telling me to hold my position. “No worries, Officer!” I replied.

“I’ll tell you when there are no worries. HOLD YOUR POSITION!” he yelled.

At this point I swear I could hear the sound of  electrical charging  static coming from the taser; you know that sound, like when Dr. Frankenstein was readying the power system to help his creation come to life. Georgina just happened to appear in the doorway as two more officers appeared on our left flank. Did they have something in their hands too? It was starting to get a little dusky and I couldn’t tell.

The first officer said, “You left a light on upstairs.”

” I’ll get it!” replied Georgina.  The bad thing was that the commotion was triggering her asthma, and I knew she did have her puffer on her person. It was in the pick up truck. Her struggle to get her breath was becoming apparent and I offered to get the light in her stead, so she wouldn’t have to climb stairs.  NO~this is not what the powers that be had in mind.

I was told, once again, not to move. As I was being read the riot act, I heard a weak cry for help come from the upstairs, followed by the sound of a thump/slide. Have you ever tried to explain to someone  there was an emergency happening, while they continued being very authoritative. You know like that time when you were in your early teen years, testing the waters, getting caught, standing in front of an irate parent. I tried to interrupt saying there was a medical emergency upstairs. When I could not get a word in, I chose to take matters in another direction. I pretended  to choke.

The other two officers were calmer, and quickly came to help.  As they approached I explained what the real issue was and asked if it was possible for me to get her meds while they checked on her.  Not knowing what was REALLY going on in the house. how many people were involved, etc., one of the officers asked the first one to get the purses out of the truck, and I was to stay. I passed the officer the truck keys.

The third officer had reached Georgina and was attending to her medical issue. Shortly afterwards the first officer returned with the purses and Georgina was able to get her puffer and relax enough to breathe effectively. We were escorted off the premises, and thankfully, not charged with trespassing.

We had gone about ten miles when Georgina asked a question. “Where’s the camera?”

I mentioned that IF it was left in the house we viewed, SHE was going to call them in the morning and ask for the salesperson, explain what happened, beg for mercy and ask for her camera. Yes, we can all laugh after the fact, but I hadn’t felt like that for years!!

This is a piece of fiction.





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