Significance Speaks


Strength expressed is often seen

By others as a noble thing

Strength contained is hardly seen

Its power at rest

Controlled and tamed


It takes much more than meets the eye

To turn and walk away from strife

To deem it fit to keep one’s peace

No matter how provoked one may feel

It is beautiful to watch and see

This silent strength we all can have

The will to do and the will not to

Is strength beyond the popular show


The human will can move a mountain

There’s always a way

Where there is the will

You can survive almost anything

Anywhere, at any time

If you know how to draw

On that treasure, the human will


So next time you are tempted to say

It’s all too much,I cannot cope

Draw on the strength from within

Stand tall and dignified

Even if only…

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  1. How beautiful


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