Quote from the Dandy Section

“A dandy is a clothes-wearing man, a man whose trade, office, and existence consist in the wearing of clothes. Every faculty of his soul, spirit, person and purse is heroically consecrated to this one object – the wearing of clothes wisely and well; so that as others dress to live, he lives to dress.” – Carlyle


9 comments on “Quote from the Dandy Section

  1. *chuckle* I love this quote. From what I’ve heard “Beau Brummel” was apparently the ultimate Dandy. Sometimes I wish I would have a chance to see this. *grin*


    • HI Raani! I had to go on Wikipedia to refresh my memory of Beau. Yes I would say that he was a dandy! I think it would have been interesting living back then too. The clothing was beautiful, but I think it would have been hot wearing all those layers that ladies were expected to wear.


      • *chuckle* – Yes, and the wigs and the corsets… Sheeesh I’d be bruised all over the place by collapsing.


  2. Oh my goodness! I think I went and married a dandy! No WONDER it didn’t work out! hahaha Love this one Liz, and quite needed the chuckle! xo


  3. I became a female dandy after my divorce. 🙂


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