I am Thankful Today

I am thankful that yesterday I was able to spend the day with our youngest son and his family watching our one granddaughters dance competition while amusing three other little ones in between the exhibits.  There was an amazing amount of people supporting the dancers.  Fantastic talent was up there on the stage and the costumes went from inventive to nearly Vegas style. The age groups were from 10-13 year old groups that had danced from between two to three years. Great  job goes out to all dancers, their families and the organizers.

Today I was spending the day with our one daughter and her family.  They are all growing up so quickly.  The one granddaughter said she wants to have a husband, and kids when she grows up.  I asked her  what else she wanted to do, and she said,” I want to do so many things, Grandma!”  I thought good for you.  Keep that thought alive! The other three boys are a blast to be around too!

It’s funny I thought I would be totally spent after the paces these guys put me through, but it is not so bad!



7 comments on “I am Thankful Today

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed your time Liz. So quickly the younger years fly away, and we’re left with these younger versions of ourselves, or complete strangers to us. I have to laugh when I hear my Mom’s voice echoing in my head as I tell my youngest son at 14 “Don’t be in such a rush to grow up kiddo, soon enough you’ll be wishing you were a child again”. Who knew my Mom was SO smart? 😉


    • Thanks Tami! Yes, giggle, Mom was kind of smart. I have to laugh about the words I used to say,”I will never raise my kids the same way you did!” But you know, there were times when I was mimicking those same and actions too!


  2. There’s nothing better than spending time with loved ones!


  3. You are so fortunate to have such a wonderful family! It sounds like you had a great time!


    • It is a joy, for sure! We do sometimes regret moving away, but the reasons deemed the necessity of it. So whenever the time arises, it is tucked away for the missing them days. It’s funny how the echoes of childrens laughter can be recalled to brighten your day! Thank you for commenting. I have so much reading to catch up on!


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