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Things Kids Teach You

Well after spending time with the grandbabes, I have come to realize why we need to have their comments when you are a story-teller!  They are not afraid to tell you if it stinks, if it is good or if you need to tell the story to more people.

I had no idea that my mouth would tell the same three stories over and over, as we were driving around, and have them tell  me when I missed a part, so quickly.  I kept telling them that I was forgetting parts because I did not have it written down. No excuses now…I have to get them on paper and drawn up so I can send them some copies when they are done!

I like honesty. Even when if we have heard the truth a little too bluntly, it makes you take a second look.  I must say that I do prefer constructive criticism, over destructive criticism.  If need be, a second or third opinion, and re-evaluate and redo. It’s how we grow.

So onward and upward! Let the next chapter begin!


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