Three Writing Contests for June


Gival Press, LLCP.O. Box 3812 Arlington VA 22203

Phone: (703)351-0079 E-mail: givalpress@yahoo.com Website: www.givalpress.com


Contact: Robert L. Giron.


“Award given to the best previously unpublished original poem–written in English of any length, in any style, typed, double-spaced on 1 side only–which best relates gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered life, by a poet who is 18 years or older. Entrants are asked to submit their poems without any kind of identification (with the exception of titles) and with a separate cover page with the following information: name, address (street, city, and state with zip code), telephone number, e-mail address (if available), and a list of poems by title. Checks drawn on American banks should be made out to Gival Press, LLC.”
Prize: Prize: $100 and the poem, along with information about the poet, will be published on the Gival Press website.
Costs: $5 reading fee per poem

Freelance Facts

  • Deadline: June 27 (postmarked).
  • Prize: Prize: $100 and the poem, along with information about the poet, will be published on the Gival Press website.



The Firehouse Theatre Project1609 W. Broad St. Richmond VA 23220

Phone: (804)355-2001 Website: www.firehousetheatre.org


Contact: Literary Manager FTP..


Calls for previously unpublished full-length works with non-musical and non-children’s themes. Submissions must be in standard play format. Scripts should be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a company or individual familiar with your work. Submissions must be unpublished. Visit website for complete submission guidelines. “We’re receptive to unusual, but well-wrought works.” Acquires the right to produce the winning scripts in a staged reading for the FTP Festival of New American Plays. Following the Festival production dates, all rights are relinquished to the author. Open to US residents only.
Judged By: a committee selected by the executive board of the Firehouse Theatre Project.
Prize:1st Prize: $1,000, 2nd Prize: $500

Freelance Facts

  • Deadline: June 30
  • Prize: 1st Prize: $1,000, 2nd Prize: $500



University of Pittsburgh Press, Eureka Building, 5th Floor3400 Forbes Ave. Eureka Bldg., 5th Floor Pittsburgh PA 15260

Phone: (412)383-2492 Fax: (412)383-2466 Website: www.upress.pitt.edu


Offered annually to writers who have published a book-length collection of fiction or a minimum of 3 short stories or novellas in commercial magazines or literary journals of national distribution. Does not return mss.
Judged By: Judged by anonymous nationally known writers such as Robert Penn Warren, Joyce Carol Oates, and Margaret Atwood.
Prize:Prize: $15,000.

Freelance Facts

  • Established: 1981
  • Deadline: Submit May 1- June 30 only.
  • Prize: Prize: $15,000




9 comments on “Three Writing Contests for June

  1. This is a great and generous service to fellow-writers. I don’t happen to qualify for these but I just think it’s wonderful of you to post this information.


  2. Thank you very much for all your efforts Liz to inform about those contests! You’re GREAT!!!


  3. You are welcome Raani! If any work for you, good luck!!


  4. I just finished my second revision of my first long fictional story. The group I’m submitting it to, puts out their own book. There was a lot of young people in the group. They hated it. I’m sure when I give them the second revision, they’ll still hate it. It’s about the Ohio State riots in 1970, and has the Kent State murders in it. They weren’t really interested. The only thing I can do is keep revising it, and put it some place else. I am on a writers fiction website, that is being reworked. I can let you all know about that when it’s done. They’re looking for short pieces, but you don’t get anything out of it.


    • Thank you so much for helping others make contributions. It is important for writers to learn the ropes and take the steps to publish. I hope that most realize that the first publications do not usually result in compensation. It is the process that helps build confidence. I would love to read your story. That was such a turmoltuous time. http://www.storystar.com lets you post for free.


  5. I might do that. It’s pretty long, around 3200 words. I’ll wait to hear the verdict on Wednesday. I’ll be surprised if they like it. Although the time was meaningful for me, most of them weren’t born yet. I actually took the piece to another group where everyone was the same generation as me, and I got a much more positive response. I usually do write non-fiction, so this is a new thing for me. I guess I can’t expect to win on the first time out!


    • It does help to get critiqued by the appropriate audience. It is suggested that you do the same when you start sending out your ms to agents or publishers. Have faith. You may surprise yourself!


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