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A lot of deep questions here. What are your thoughts?

My Life in my 60's

Tonight the moon looked especially big. It hasn’t looked this big  to people on earth  for 18 years.  There are scientific reasons for this. My husband explained it all to me. He’s a scientific guy.

It started my husband and I thinking. We’ve discussed the very same issues for years and years. We always come up with different ideas.It’s always fun to speculate, but who really knows?

Do you ever wonder?

1. How did we get here?

2. Where are we going when our lives are over?

3. Do we really go anywhere, or is it  just over when it’s over?

4. Why do we consider the moon and stars so beautiful?

5. Is there life on other planets? It would be silly to think there isn’t in the large universe.

6. Have there been other places like the earth that self-destructed? Have we been here before?

7. Do we…

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