A Fresh One Every Twenty Minutes By: Randy Blackmore

Today I was looking at the news highlights and came across and admirable young employee, who works for Tim Horton’s in Windsor, Ontario and his manager helped deliver a  seven pound baby this morning. You know you are addicted to Timmy’s coffee when you would rather deliver at your favorite coffee shop than go to the hospital. For those of you who may not know, Tim Horton’s prides itself on delivering a fresh pot of coffee every twenty minutes.  I hope this does not translate over to childbirth too! Mind you it would be a cheap way to deliver kids.


11 comments on “A Fresh One Every Twenty Minutes By: Randy Blackmore

  1. Uhm… I’ve never had a baby so far – but I do like good coffee… I’ll let you know when I get there. LOL


  2. That’s my kind of coffee shop. Nothing worse than coffee that’s been sitting to long. I’m glad the delivery was successful.


  3. No ‘inductions’ needed. The coffee will do the trick. Perhaps hospitals can learn a thing or two from this coffee place.


  4. So, you are in Canada. I actually have a Tim Horton’s not far from my house in Columbus, Ohio. It calls to me at different times. I am particularly fond of their chocolate donut with the creme filling. I have an affinity for donut shops for some reason. I wouldn’t think it was a good place to get your babies delivered.


  5. Reblogged this on Pets to go and commented:
    I have a weakness for Tim Hortons but I wouldn’t want to go there for medical help.


  6. Oops I reblogged this on a learning blog, not my real blog!


    • Thank you for reblogging! I don’t think I would rely on Timmy’s for medical help on a regular basis either! 😉
      Tim Horton’s was bought out by a US purchaser quite a few years ago, and are slowly making their way across the States but Crispy Creme is stilll the top contender in your country. I used to live live just north of Ohio, but now just live north of Minnesota. I actually get my groceries there as it is only 20 minutes to Roseau and 60 minutes to the closest Canadian town.


  7. Reblogged this on Mike's Journal and commented:
    Thought this was pretty funny and touching at the same time


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