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As Kenny stoked the fire to prepare the morning meal, his thoughts ran over to raven and how the encounters are becoming more bizarre.  He had never stared down an animal before. It was rather unnerving and thrilling at the same time.  It was rather strange, that connection or bond he was starting to feel with the bird.  He chuckled silently, thinking how much he would miss the daily visits.

“Breakfast is almost ready, Cassie!”

“Coffee, too?” she mumbled.

“You bet! I am kinda anxious to move out today.  I can’t wait until we get to Whitehorse.”

Cassie stretched her slight frame, while bowing to the morning sun.  “Salutations to our day, safe journeys and many blessings with all those we meet today.” This was her morning chant as she started the day.  For what ever reason, Kenny chimed in with her today and felt instantly exhilarated.

CAW – CAW. As was his usual routine, he fly off.

Once the morning housekeeping was completed, they went for a brisk walk before climbing back into the truck.  Cassie turned the radio to a talk station. Kenny looked at her inquiringly. “I don’t know why, Kenny, but it seems like a good idea this morning. You know, expand your-mind!”

Kenny chuckled and agreed with her choice. Before long a discussion came on that involved the thoughts of aboriginal elders and the animals relationships with humans.  It was suggested that all humans have guides that are based in the animal world. As most humans no longer  greet the day and spend time with their surroundings, they have become immune to what their personal guide has tried to tell them. Both Kenny and Cassie let their minds become full of the ideas being presented by the elders. How true,  they thought. When did the world lose its balance with nature?  Kenny let his mind drift back to the dreams he had had lately.  The visions were  just as the elders were describing on the radio show. Amazing, was all he could think, how amazing.

The day was beautiful once again and their journey was moving along at a good rate. They were enjoying gorgeous views of the mountainous horizons, occasional wildlife and the imagination inspiring cloud formations.  Kenny would glance off to the right sporadically to check for raven. He could swear that bird was still nearby.

Soon, they were settling in for the last night they would spend south of the 60th parallel. Kenny had a hard time sleeping that night. He was disturbed by the images of the village he had come to enjoy. It appeared there was unease or tension clouding the normal operations. He was feeling panicked, and seemed to be looking for something or someone.  This feeling stuck with Kenny as he awoke. He was unable to concentrate as Cassie performed her morning routine and chant.  If Cassie noticed his unease, she said nothing. The morning routine was completed and all gear was packed.  As they drove off on the last leg of their tour, Kenny was unable to shake the gnawing sensation of an event not yet seen, by him, anyway.

Cassie finally tuned in to Kenny’s distracted state and asked what was on his mind. “I wish I could answer that, Cass.  I can’t tell you what it is. I know I need to do something when we hit Whitehorse, but I’ll be damned if I know what.”

The evening was almost upon them as they rolled into the campground at Whitehorse. They  secured their spot and set up the tent. “I am starving, Kenny! How about you?  I heard there is an awesome place downtown that has sumptuous salmon! “”

“I am all in for that one, m’lady! Do I need to get a name and directions?”

“No, let’s just be adventurous!” Cassie laughed. So off they went to enjoy the night in the town of their dreams.

After spending a fantastic night on the town, the pair returned to the tent to finish the day. They fell into exhausted, dreamless sleep.

As they woke to the sounds of neighbors stirring, they stretched and performed the morning ritual. Both grabbed towels and headed off for a shower, setting up to meet at the cafe inside the main office. Kenny arrived first and ordered coffee and a muffin. He glanced at the local paper and looked for sites to visit over the next few days. Before long, Cassie slipped in to the chair next to him and gave him a hug. “Isn’t this great! I LOVE the air, the ambiance, you! Umm,  that muffin looks good. Is it for me?”  She chuckled, already knowing the answer.  All Kenny could do was smile as he waved to the waiter to bring the same order for the lady.

‘Well we are here and I would like to know where you need to go first.” Kenny said. They looked through the paper that Kenny held, planning the day.  After breakfast they started the journey with zest. It was a busy, informative and fun day. It was followed by another great meal that had been  suggested to them by a local clerk. The meal did not disappoint them. Another dreamless night followed.

The morning sun was breaking through the clouds as they stirred to a distant CAW – CAW. It half- invaded Kenny’s dream. Then raven sounded off again, CAW – CAW! Kenny eyes popped open.  No way! It is not the same one, there are ravens everywhere this time of year. CAW – CAW! Cassie woke up and laughed, “Did you not feed your pet last night? He sure sounds ticked at you!”

They  repeated the morning steps, as usual.  This time, however, it was Cassie  who felt a pressing urgency to go to a specific store. At breakfast, she told Kenny this. She said that he would just have to trust her and drive around until they came to it. The look her gave her was one that implied she was a little off her rocker, but he agreed to the hunt.

To be continued…










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