Not Quite What the Meaning Is

Tonight we sit on pins and needles.  The old saying ‘keep the home fires burning” is not intended for what we may have to face.  The forest fire burning 4 kilometers away is still out of control. If the winds shift, we are in BIG trouble. Right now we are on evacuation alert. Hopefully we will be allowed to stay. The smoke is getting heavy again.  Not a good sign.

I am very worried about the horses. They really are in the best the best place they could be in as the pasture is large. We are able to wet blankets to cover them and keep the out of harms way if needed.  This is when one gets very upset with the hydro company.  We could have set up our hoses and pumps if we had had power hooked up there.  Grrrrrr!! That is another story.

If I am absent for a bit, you’ll know why…we  were given the notice to leave.


6 comments on “Not Quite What the Meaning Is

  1. Liz, I was evacuated twice in the fifteen years I lived in the mountain communities of southern Cal. Some of my neighbors had horses. Everything worked out. Be smart, be safe. I remember when I had to leave, nothing mattered but my kids and pets. If I had time, I retrieved some photo albums. In the end. nothing matters but the lives of those we love. Take good care.


  2. Praying you and your family (including horses and pets) are all safe. Looking forward to seeing your next post.


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