They pulled up in front of an aboriginal arts store. “This is the place.” Cassie said.

Apprehension overtook them as they climbed out of the truck. “How do you know, Cass?”  Kenny asked flatly. His tongue felt so thick and he had

to work his mouth to get any moisture to flow down his throat.

“I just feel drawn to this place. Let’s check it out.”

They walked into the store taking in all the beautiful displays. They separated to look at works, deciding what they would take back with them

for souvenirs. Kenny felt as though someone was studying his every move, and became uneasy. He searched out Cassie and asked her if he looked

like a criminal.

She chuckled her reply.”Why yes, in fact, you look like a kid in a candy store who is trying to sneak something into his pockets.

What’s wrong? ”

Kenny just shrugged his shoulders and walked towards the main counter. He saw the clerk was staring at him. Maybe it would be better

described as staring through him. He looked behind him to make sure he was the subject of intention, and sure enough, he was.

Standing before him was a middle-aged native woman who had a look of concern on her face. Her whole demeanor seemed wound up, like a tight

spring in a clock.

“Hi! I am Kenny and this is my partner, Cassie.” he said pointing towards Cassie. “You have an extensive collection of works here.  Are they from

local artisans?  I couldn’t help but notice you watching me. I’m not going to steal anything, you know.”

“Good day, I am Moriah. I knew you would be here today. I have a message for you.” she replied.

Kenny stepped back and looked for Cassie again. He wanted to leave – now! “Uh, ya, um, well that’s great. What might that be….a Moriah?”

“You have a spirit that is calling to you. He has tried to show you where you need to return to. You have had a hard time listening, which is why I was asked to speak with you.”

Cassie came up along Kenny’s side, smiling, and holding an artifact in her hand. ‘Hi!” she said to the woman behind the counter, “I’m Cassie! You

have an awesome collection here.  It’s so hard to figure out what to buy. I found these earrings so far, Kenny, do you like them?”

Cassie turned her head slightly to look at Kenny. He looks weird, like he had just received bad news or something. She looked back to the clerk again.

“I’m sorry, am I interrupting something?” she asked.

Kenny piped up,”Well, Moriah, here, just informed me that she has a message from a ‘spirit’ for me. I am all ears, Ma’am!” He said as he turned attention back to Moriah.

“You may not understand or agree with what I will tell you, but I want you to know I am not changing a word. It is as was told to me. You are

searching for something. Your restlessness is changing your perspective of life and what you need to do with it. You are a lost spirit, a warrior with great  respect and wisdom, who must return to his people. Raven will guide you to this place. You will find peace there. Once you are there, people will come to help you heal, then you too, will be able to heal others. Your guidance will lead many to move on to greater things, to provide balance to nature and harmony to an unsettled place.” She finished her message and turned to Cassie. “Yes the earrings are beautiful and they will flatter your earthly features. Is there anything else that you would like help with?”

Kenny stood there for a moment, then turned to walk out the door. “I’ll be right back, Cassie.”

Cassie and Moriah fell into a natural conversation about the area and Native Peoples. They did not notice that Kenny was outside pacing back and forth, trying to absorb what was just revealed to him.

He was having a hard time believing that they were to come all this way to be told that he was a warrior, of all things. How did this woman know he was feeling so unhappy with his life lately. That he was feeling that he was not contributing to his mental health, or Cassie’s for that matter, that he was ‘missing’ something. But Raven was going to guide him! Come on! That pesky bird who appeared at the apartment a few weeks ago?

Suddenly Kenny felt like he had been raped. He felt that the trip they had planned was destroyed by something out of his control. He felt lost, disoriented, foggy. All because they had to find this store. Raven! Give me a break!

He summoned up his thoughts and courage and walked back into the store. Cassie and Moriah were still engaged in conversation.  They both looked up and smiled as he approached. “Kenny, you would not believe the history Moriah’s people have in this area. It is sad, happy, disconcerting, inspirational all rolled in to one. What the governments have done is not right! I have so much to share and go see now.” Cassie babbled.

“Well do you have everything you want from here?” Kenny asked, then added, ” Moriah, I really don’t know how to take what you said. I gotta go. Are you ready Cass?”

“Peace be with you, young warrior. You will find your place.” Moriah said as she processed Cassie’s purchases.

“Ya, you too, thanks for the warning!” Kenny replied as he walked to the door.

To be continued…


8 comments on “MYSTERIOUS ENCOUNTERS Part Three

  1. I love how descriptive your writing is Liz. You’re able to place your readers in the moment without dwelling on the smaller things that wouldn’t add to the story like so many writers get carried away with when trying to describe feelings like this. When I can FEEL what the characters are going through, I know I’ve found a great writer…


  2. Wow! What a great compelling story, Liz! 🙂


  3. What a great writing Liz. I love the way it immediately takes my fantasy travelling. It is so vivid! Very catching!!


  4. I have nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award… If you’d like to accept, just drop by my site and pick it up. Congrats either way.


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