Such raw power in this entry

Significance Speaks

Not as strong as I seem

I am a fragile flower

That has withstood the winds

I budded right beneath the glare

Of this very bright hot sun

I look so attached, don’t I?

To this stem that holds me here

But only I know the hidden truth

This stem has no hold

It is I that holds on to it

With all my might and strength

I am not so strong you see

My strength’s store already depleted

In so short a life as I have lived

I have needed much to come this far

When I was just a tiny seed

A strong wind threatened to blow me away

Which landed me in my present ground

And there I burrowed very deep

To hide away from the torrential rain

That promised to sweep me away from here

Before I had any chance to grow

So don’t be deceived by my brilliant colours

Or my…

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  1. Raw power is right. I can really see myself in this…


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