Just Happened to Catch This Show

I don’t  normally have the TV on when I am doing my stuff at night, but tonight it was on. I turned up the volume on a PBS station when I heard a few of the comments and pictures being heard and shown. The show was called On The Edge: Family Homelessness in America.

It was a show that evoked a lot of emotions in me. Partially because of self induced homelessess when I was younger and the fear of becoming homeless when I was older with family. It was a show of reflection, and really humbled me.

I have so much to be thankful  for now, and really, it is not in physical comforts, it is being aware and complete in myself, my surroundings, my spouse, and my extended family. Coming to peace with all things past and present is such a blessing. No I don’t live in a bubble, sunshine and rainbows, life does come in to my world, but I can deal with it and move on. I can chose my battles and usually, keep it under control when dealing with the extreme ones.

If  you have the opportunity to watch this,please let me know what you think.  I know that this subject is one of the passions of one of the blogs I follow. To you, I am grateful that you are doing what you can to help aleviate this issue in your area! Sing your hearts out! Thank you from the bottom and top of my  heart!


5 comments on “Just Happened to Catch This Show

  1. Very interesting, and thank you for sharing your personal feelings. I think everyone worries about “ending up like those people.” It’s more liable to happen now than ever before.


    • Thank you for the work you do to help aleviate the problem. The stories on the show were fairly current, I would say within the past five years. I missed the credits and everything.


  2. I’ve seen a few programs like this, and they always break my heart. Up until last summer, I volunteered heavily in programs to help make sure people in my area had food items and necessities to help sustain their families. I really enjoyed the work, and seeing the surprise and joy in peoples’ eyes when I got to their door and told them I had a trunk full of boxes of food for them…

    Ontario has always had homeless people, but in the past few years the numbers have skyrocketed. Your post definitely has deep feeling in it Liz, and I share a lot of those feelings. There’s so much we can do even with limited time. When sorting through our clothes a few times a year, rather than tossing them or donating them to foundations, they can be donated to local shelters or clothes closets. Volunteer maybe one day a month at a soup kitchen… buy a few non perishable staples and drop them off at a food bank…

    I digress…. thank you for the post Liz..you’ve reminded me that I have to find smaller ways to help since I miss it so much… xo


    • Cudos to you for helping in a casue such as that. It doesn’t matter that you take a break from it, after all you need to recharge too, especially when dealing with your challenges and school and writing , etc. Your spirit is in a good place.


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