Question of the Day – How Many Times?

How many times do you have to offer an olive branch when you are only given a crown of thorns in return?




7 comments on “Question of the Day – How Many Times?

  1. Until it has a destructive effect on your own spirit. Not offering the olive branch is not the same as refusing to love.


  2. Very well said linneann.
    Liz, my response would be once if I had waited for anger/hurt to calm down, perhaps twice if I extended the branch possibly too soon. If the person meant a lot to me, I would ask them directly why the “crown” in return, and if there wasn’t a good reason, or there wasn’t anything to work with, I would walk away. Life is too precious, and far too short not to try, but it’s also too precious and too short to wear a “hair shirt” so to speak…


  3. As many times as your heart can take. Sometimes, just because we love someone, doesn’t mean we have to like them most if not all the time. Then let time and distance happen – usually we need that for healing and learning.


  4. You know… I might try to offer the olive branch once, maybe twice… but after that I’m done with it and I will follow Christines advice and take a distance to “lick my wounds” and heal…
    And depending on how much that person meant to me, I might either let it go… or throw a spear.


    • I usually have a three strike rule, but every strike is a little more abrupt. Then I pick up the pieces and shake off the dust and move on down the road. Thank you all for your comments!


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