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I simply like the ideas that Brian brings to the table!

Enhancing Lives & Transforming Leadership

“Drop the idea that you are Atlas carrying the World on your shoulders. The world would go on even without you. Don’t take yourself too seriously.” – Norman Peale. Managing people is not about proving your right. If you’re bent on proving that you’re right and they’re wrong, then you need to pick a different profession. Managing others is about doing whatever it takes to accomplish what it is you need to get done.You’ve got to give up control to get control.

Managing is a team sport. (Together – Everyone – Achieves – More) You and I both know that there are a number of ways to accomplish the same task. Does it really have to be all your way? You have the title of manager. You’re going to get the credit for job well done anyways. (Of course the opposite is also true but don’t let that stop you…

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