This Is Tough But It Works

The moment we decide we want to do more, a negative force comes to push us back.  Leadership and challenges come hand in hand. This because if it is too easy, then it is not real or fulfilling (remember the spiritual principle of earnership). There has to be a challenger to make the trophy meaningful.
Our ace in the hole is to be aware of this universal principal, and to make the commitment to re-educate how we react.  When the push back happens – go forward.  Do the opposite of what your fears and doubts are telling you to do.  –   Yehuda Berg

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you did not move forward. Was it fear that held you back? Lack of confidence? Listening to other people? Not listening to your inner voice? Lack of finances? Lack of  knowledge?

For myself, yes to all the above. I have had so many ideas come to my mind, that I was beginning to think that I should just become a professional muse. The bad thing about doing this is that the moment money enters into the muse aspect, for me anyway, the ideas dry up. It is funny how you can see so many starving artists, so to speak,  that create the best work when they are hungry. (Remember that I said I have been a gypsy most of my life – I have seen a lot of stupefying artists.) Is it  the fear of the unknown that takes over the wish to step into the next phase of success, and then  opens the mind to express the fears on canvas or in the words written?

Are you able to push back?  Have faith in what your ‘voice ‘ is saying. Face the challenges, take that breath and step through the portal.



6 comments on “This Is Tough But It Works

  1. Very inspiring Liz!

    Two years ago, as I talked to you about before, I attended a six week pain clinic. One of the things I learned about myself there is I don’t have a fear of failure, I have a fear of success. I did a lot of research on this term, because I was pretty sure the psychologist was wrong about me… I’d always had a bit of a fear of failure. I was amazed at what I learned! I would think you would fit more in that category also Liz… we always seem to have the answers for others, but to catapult ourselves in the limelight is another story… Makes for some really interesting reading if nothing else.
    Tami xo


  2. I actually pushed myself beyond what I thought I could do. It’s a story I wrote. To be completely honest, it isn’t the best thing anyone ever wrote, but I pushed myself beyond my capabilities, took directions, and redid it. I have a feeling I’m not done yet. If they accept for a book, where I will get NO money, I will have to work on it some more. But, at least I did it!


  3. Definitely, a fear of failure for me.


    • That’s what I find holds me back at times. Sometimes I cowboy up and am able to push myself through it. I think for me, it depends on how bad I feel I need the outcome to happen. This is not because of laziness, It’s more the fear facture.


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