Reader Appreciation Award

What a surprise this morning as I opened one of Kim’s posts and found that she was  nominated for the Reader Appreciation Award. If you have not had the chance to visit http://ladyromp.com/  you are missing out on someone who devotes much time and effort into her blogs – 4 per day.  These are not just your run of the mill blogs either. Kim sends out a quote, then a Mother of Inspiration, A Woman of Inspiration and Local Inspiration.  I have travelled down memory lane, met beautiful women, and men,  cried at some of the memorials and laughed at some of the quotes and expression that are posted.

To my surprise, I was given this torch to pass on to six other bloggers.

First I must let you know what I have been up to lately.

I have been preparing to move. My husband has gone ahead to Alberta to secure employment and I will follow as soon as I tie up things here. It is with a heavy heart that this move takes place, but sometimes, as we know,  things happen for a reason.

Now for six nominations.  This is the hard part. I am choosing these as they have been supportive to my Box of Books by commenting and putting in their two cents and stimulating my brain. In no particular order:

http://newfoundlandtraveller.wordpress.com/ Pauline

http://findingourwaynow.com/ Susan

http://judysp.wordpress.com/   Judy

http://beanovelist.wordpress.com/  Norma Jean

http://ahhamoments.wordpress.com/  Brian

http://oddducksociety.wordpress.com  Brenda

Should these lovely bloggers decide to accept this award, they need to link back to the nominator, let your readers know what is going on in your life, and nominate six blogs.

I thank you, Kim, http://ladyromp.com/ once again, for your great works and for the nomination. Thank you also to my blog mates.  You know that even if you weren’t mentioned in this round of nominations, you are still thought of and read almost daily.  Thank you for being in this part of my world.


19 comments on “Reader Appreciation Award

  1. I am honored beyond words. It was so unexpected and SOOO appreciated my friend.


    • Thank you very much Mary Ann. How did work go today? Are you feeling up to the full days? I sure hope your health reurns sooner than later! I don’t know about you but I really dislike not being my (ab)normal self. Hugs!


      • I worked for four hours today and tomorrow I’ll be returning to full-time hours. I couldn’t ask for a nicer employer and the staff have been extremely kind and supportive to me. Hugs back. M.A.


  2. Thank you so much for nominating me! I feel honored and humble. I write a mere fraction of your inspiring words. I will link back to you and I will nominate six worthy bloggers. Have a great day. Hope your move to Alberta is a good one.


  3. Thank you Liz – It’s always nice to know that someone enjoys reading your postings – It’s even nicer (my word) when you find out they have nominated you for a “Reader Appreciation Award” You’ve made my day. – Cheers,


  4. Huge congrats to you and all your nominees!


  5. Congratulations and hope your move goes smoothly.


  6. Congratultions!!!


  7. I am so glad you got the award. Thank you for nominating me. The blogging community is so supportive. Thanks again Judy


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