Inspirational Blogger Award

I would like, no love, to thank a person who has become very special to me over the past few months for the nomination.  Raani is a very talented, humurous, artisitc spirit that has lifted many hearts with her writings.  http://raaniyork.wordpress.com/ She has also designed the logo that currently flies on the linkedin group Writers Gateway. I am not saying this to promote the group, just her talent. When the logos were sent for proofing, I could tell that her imagination is vivid. Something I love to see. So thank you Raani, once again, for the nomination.

Now according to the rules I apparently need to publish 7 things about me….

1. I love balance. It doens’t always happen, but I still love it.

2. I’m proud to be a  wife, mother, grandmother and friend, guardian, teacher and  student .

3. I have a warped sense of humour.

4. I love nature and her bounty.

5. When I get angry my eyes turn a scary intense blue.

6. I find it easier to give than take.

7. I’m  amazed at anyone who can  hold their breath for over 2 1/2 minutes.

Part of this requires me to recommend 15 other blog spots. This is not a reflection on those whom I follow and could not list.  As some of you know, the cut is a hard one.  I haven’t seen many of these listed before, so I hope I am able to introduce you to new talent.

I  nominate the following 15 bloggers for this Inspiring Blog Award:

http://writania.com/about-me/  Rita

http://www.patgarciaschaack.com/the-by-ways-of-life/  Patricia

http://lisaanofzinger.wordpress.com/ Lisa

http://wwwthouhtfulreflections.blogspot.ca/  Sylvia

http://seventhvoice.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/shouting-into-the-void/ Dealing with autism

http://traceba.wordpress.com/ Tracy

http://www.brws.com/wordpress/ Betsy

http://peggitustan.blogspot.ca/ Peggi

http://kittrellcountrylife.wordpress.com/ Sabrina

http://habisha.wordpress.com/  Deborah

http://www.craigharper.com.au/  Craig

http://asimkumarpaul.wordpress.com/  Asim

http://bonebouquet.org/  A collection to view

http://alexandrasmithwriter.wordpress.com/about/ Powerful life stories

http://gempakproduct.wordpress.com/ poetry on love and relationships

Should you choose to accept the award, paste the picture on your post, link back to the person who nominated you, share 7 things about you, then nominate another 15 blogs that you like.

Thank you once again! I hope you enjoy the blogs!


11 comments on “Inspirational Blogger Award

  1. Thank you very much Liz for all your compliments! I really appreciate it! *chuckle*


  2. Congratulations, Liz! I have to grin at #5–glad you don’t live down the street fro me or I just might be tempted to get you mad at me, just to see that intense blue. Ha! Congrats once again, -M.A.


  3. Congratulations to you and thank you so very much for sharing this award with me!


  4. Liz you are simply awesome!


  5. Thank you for the nomination, whoever nominated me… the person who nominated me was anonymous. However, I realy appreciate it.


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