Seeds of Yesterday

Lately, our group had been talking about the butterfly effect. I was sent this article, written by Yehuda Berg,  who spoke of it today. I thought it was a good explanation.


It is peculiar how eventually science catches up with Kabbalah. Many technological and scientific advances discovered over the past six decades were taught, discussed and scribed by our teacher’s teachers.
If you told a scientist 90 years ago that a butterfly flapping its wings initiates a domino effect that can lead to a tornado in a different part of the world, they’d probably look at you like you were crazy. Today, science calls it the Chaos Theory.
But proven or not, the idea that the smallest of actions can impact the world is still difficult to believe. Maybe we’re just a little selfish in our careers, working in our jobs mainly with the intention of what we are getting out of it. Then suddenly there’s a riff in our relationships at home or with a friend and we think, “This isn’t my fault!”
We do a good job at compartmentalizing our lives, thinking that the way we behave in one area will have no effect on the other, but the truth is there are no compartments in the spiritual realm. The illusion of fragmentation only exists in the physical dimension. It’s all connected.
This is a tough pill to swallow, but the Light ensures it’s a true and just system we live in. The trouble is, when the struggles come, it’s nearly impossible for us to connect the dots. The system was created that way so we could have an opportunity to base our certainty in the Light and not our five senses.
We can get better at spotting the spiritual law of cause and effect at work by maintaining an awareness that at every moment we are planting a seed. Planting seeds of selfishness, jealousy, or impatience will eventually lead to difficulty and struggle. On the other hand, planting seeds of sharing, tolerance, unconditional love… bring us fulfillment.
Let’s try to be more aware this week of what we’re putting out into the universe.
Even the smallest actions of kindness can create a lot of love in the world.
All the best,


5 comments on “Seeds of Yesterday

  1. This is mantra to live by. It is so easy to forget that when we do a small harm or kindness that it can have far reaching affects. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂


  2. Thank you for this Liz! Most often, it’s easier to be kind and tolerant than it is to be angry or bitter. Considering how little energy people seem to have in general with how busy our lives have become, you’d think being a good person would be the default! LOL

    I’m fascinated by the Chaos Theory, and the Butterfly Effect. We could all do well to take a few lessons from them!


  3. Oh Liz, this is so true and thank you for posting it. To reach out and make someone else’s world a little bit brighter, to plant a seed of hope and encouragement, to tell someone you care, are seeds that lead to the light of life and they blossom. It is such a pleasure knowing you. I feel like I have known you all my life and yet it is only for a short while.
    Thank you, my dear, thank you.


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