This came at a perfect moment!

Significance Speaks

It may seem like a lot to ask

When all your strength has sipped away

When disillusionment stands it ground

Refusing to yield to the change you want.

When nothing is all you seem to get

As a reward for all you’ve done

Please find that place deep within

And hold on, please just  hold on still


You rack your mind all day and night

For a vestige, just a bit  of hope

A small glimmer of sunshine will do

A wee little smile to mask the pain

When the tears you can’t restrain

Fall amidst your folorn domain

It’s so much easier to just give up

To simply walk away this time.


Hold on dear one, please hold on

When the sun won’t shine at all

Hold on, please just find a way

When your heart is locking down

Hold on, please look inside again

When all desire seems to…

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  1. Liz- That was amazing. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Wow Liz… those words are amazingly well put together… I can see how they would give you some solace, and they definitely spoke to me as well.. thank you for the great share!


  3. Love this poem. It Is such a power poem and says so much in such a simple way. I may have to create a poster for this one. What do you think?


  4. Susan when I get my mind working right again, I am going to take you up on the collaboration process to showcase your talent in league with others. I am sure that Selasie would be honoured. Do you have her contact info?


  5. Dear Liz,
    I hope you’re fine. I missed you.
    And of course: thank you for sharing this wonderful blog post. I enjoyed reading it!!


  6. Sorry I did not take up the award that you nominated me for but I have been quite ill, not physically, so I have just been posting things that I have found to be good. Back to it now, but got to slow down a bit so will only be doing a bit at a time. Feel free to nominate me again and I will accept gracefully. Love the poem as usual it is first class and worthy of 5 stars. Bless you.


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