Retribution and Retrospection

I found it rather amusing that these two sections followed each other in the Book of Thoughts that I post the quotes from. I hope you enjoy these.

“Old age seizes upon an ill-spent youth, like a fire upon a rotten house. – It was rotten before and it must have fallen of itself, so that it is only one ruin anticipating another.”  South

“Man never fastened one end of a chain around the neck of his brother, that God did not fasten the other end round the neck of the oppressor.” Lamartine

“From the sad years of life we sometimes do short hours, yea, minutes strike, keen, blissful, bright, never to be forgotten;  which, through the dreary gloom of time o’erpast, shine like fair sunny spots on a wild waste.”  Joanna Baillie


And one more from the dance section – “Those move easiest, who have learned to dance.”  Pope


3 comments on “Retribution and Retrospection

  1. Oh Liz – I’m happy to have your quotes back!!! Thank you for sharing!!


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