Quotes About Dreams

I was kind of setback when I read a few of these quotes. My idea of dreams and the ones represented in these quotes have a different twist.

I hope you enjoy them!

“Children of the night, of indigestion bred.” – Charles Churchill

“A world of the dead in the hues of life.” – Mrs. Hemans

“Never a ship sails out of the bay but carries my heart as a stowaway.” – Roselle Mercier Montgomery

(I actually feel romance tugging at my heartstrings with the one above.)

“So I have nothing? Ah, you’re wrong. Why, I have all my dreams – priceless are my riches when my brain with fancy teems.” – Dorothy Snowden

“Dreams full oft are found of real events the forms and shadows.” – Joanna Baillie

And last, yes, but not least, this quote requires some thought.

“We have in dreams no true perception of time –  a strange property of mind! – for if such be also its property entered into the eternal disembodied state, time will appear to us eternity! – The relations of space as well as of time are also annihilated, so that while almost an eternity is compressed into a moment, infinite space is traversed more swiftly than by real thought.” – Winslow


7 comments on “Quotes About Dreams

  1. There you are. Love the quotes. I dream vividly and profusely so thing resonate with me


  2. Here we go with your special quotes! I’m always so happy to read them!!!


  3. The past is but a thought, the present a reflection, and the future a dream….Randy Sparks


  4. Hi Liz,
    The last one is a very deep one, and as you have said requires thought. I can say that I am a dreamer, and it may sound strange, but often my dreams have moved me into places or situations, so that I know that I have been there or seen it before. I cannot explain it and have often said I will study it more deeply by doing some research, but have not done it yet. One thing, I have started though, is a diary to record my dreams. I write them down in a software app on my iPad.
    Your quotes made me think, and I enjoy thinking.


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