Touching Base

Hello to you all – you wonderful bloggers, friends, and very important to me poeple!

Just letting you know that my life is still under construction  and I have not been able to pave the surface yet :).  It will be done, I know it will -hopefully before full blown winter has settled in.

I have tried to grab glimpses of your blogs here and there. Although I have not been able to respond to you, please know that I do appreciate your dedication, educational, your smiles or laughter, tears, heart -on-your-sleeve posts.

Thank you for sticking around!




8 comments on “Touching Base

  1. *grin* – I would participate Liz, but unfortunately my very favorite recipe contains everything BUT vegetable… LOL


  2. LOL..I love you! How was your trip? I don’t see your new pictures up yet…


  3. We will be here when you’re surface. 🙂


  4. Still hanging around. Life flows on and we all just take it in stride the best we can. 🙂


  5. Nice to know that all is going along, and I hope that you will be all settled when winter sets in my dear! Watch it unfold and then enjoy for years the results! What could be better than seeing a dream come true?


  6. Hi Lady,

    Hang in there! You are such an encouragement to everyone and believe me, we are pulling for you. I know you have heard it dozens of times, but keep diving in, focusing on what you must do to get things the way you want them to be.

    There is a future out there, and it is waiting on you. So take your time. When you come back, you will come back with a smile and a bam! And we will all rejoice, because we know, you have returned.

    Love you, Liz.



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