In conjunction with the last repost..

I would also like to link this video.


The season for celebrating is upon us, and, yes, we hear it time and again that we need to drink responsibly. Still this past weekend in the Edmonton and area, four lives were lost in one night in two separate accidents, one business was destroyed the same night from a drunk driver plowing into the side of his store.

Please look at the options. Respect the lives of those around you, and those who work overtime to make sure the safety of the public is foremost. Don’t fear  the Checkstops.  They  wouldn’t be there if there was not a need.

As you sit around with family and friends this holiday season, look at each one of them and ask yourself, what if…

I send out hugs to all of my family and friends. I really am thankful for each one of you.

Enjoy the season, responsibly, PLEASE!



10 comments on “In conjunction with the last repost..

  1. Thank you for posting that story Liz, and expounding on it with your post. I wish we could obliterate this senseless act once and for all!


    • You are welcome Tami. I must thank Raani for starting this as I reposted from her site on impaired driving. I had to add the video though as it is very powerful. Hoping the message stays strong throughout the year. Hugs!


  2. Thanks Liz, I saw a small section of the ad a couple of years ago. people don’t realise the effects of drink driving, not only the senseless deaths but the injured and those who have to care for them.
    Thank You


  3. Laurie, thank you for saying so. I am sure that you saw your fair share of the effects while on the force. Thank you for the mention at the Gateway and posting the song playing as the backdrop in the video. That song always reminds me of a very sad time in my life, while raising teenagers. Hearing it in the context of this ad makes me cry even more.


  4. Powerful video. Shared on FB. Thanks, Liz.


  5. It is always important to make sure we do what we can to educate people on the dangers of driving under the influence. Every little thing we do can make a difference. 🙂


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